a new season of tours begins

The first garden tour I ever filmed, I was certain no one would watch. I’d only been regularly making YouTube videos for a few months and everything I’d heard about video length was to keep it short. Don’t drag it out. Anything over ten minutes is a death wish for your channel. 

When I finished editing the 40-minute tour of my 10,000 square foot garden, I just knew it would flop. It didn’t . Turns out gardeners are a patient audience. Adapted as we are to waiting and marveling at the slow, green process of growing things, we gardeners just love gardens. I didn’t fully understand the depth of that love back when I first got started on YouTube, but now I know it well. I learned, from you guys, that I’m not the only one in the world that feels ecstatic joy at the sight of new fruit forming on the vine or new seedlings breaking through the soil.

Shooting regular garden tours has made me a better gardener. It has sharpened my memory so I am not left wondering where something was planted or how it performed. It gives me a sense of excitement and motivation to share my garden’s progress.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that kick in the pants I feel when I know a garden tour is due to be posted. You know that rush to clean the house when guests are coming over? Well, I routinely invite thousands of weekly guests into my garden. If that’s not motivation to do the hard work I’ve been procrastinating, I’m not sure what is. 

This week, we are turning over a new leaf and starting a whole new season of tours. It’s fall, y’all. Well, almost. Autumn begins tomorrow and today I’m posting the first garden tour of the 2020 fall gardening season. 

This will be my first year to uphold regular tours through the cooler months. The high tunnel is definitely a game changer for season extension and I’m so excited to be able to invite you all into our growing space in the months to come.

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